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Re: Duplicate messages on this list

eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us (Mark W. Eichin)  wrote on 07.12.97 in <xe1en3p570s.fsf@paycheck.thok.org>:

> On 07-Dec-1997 12:43:00, Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote:
> > Which easily leads (for me) to actually missing them - because of
> > duplicate suppression, they do not show up where they are expected (with
> > the mailing list).
> One of the reasons I *don't* use duplicate supression (I leave it in
> "warning" mode), *and* I sort on X-Mailing-List!  The nicest thing about

Well, my duplicate suppression does nothing more than setting the "is  
read" flag, _plus_ thread the duplicate to the original.

As to sorting mailing lists, I usually subscribe to list@host as user name  
kai-list, so that takes care of sorting :-)

MfG Kai

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