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Re: Does it conform our demands?


I am the assistant sysadmin in the Computer Science Dept. at Wichita
State Univ.  There, we use Debian for everything you mention except
PPP.  At home, I use PPP dial-on-demand successfully.

My comments below refer to Debian 1.3.1, the latest release.

Jozef Bednarik <bed@cedo.cz> writes:

> all) supports the following features:
>     NIS (yellow pages)

This works fine.  In the CS Dept., our NIS server is a SunOS machine
and all the Linux boxed work fine.  Debian can also be a NIS server.

>     DNS

Our departmental nameserver is a Debian 486.

>     automount

The Debian package amd provides this functionality.

>     PPP
>     PPP dial on demand

Dial-on-demand is provided by the Debian diald package.  It works
quite nicely and is very configurable.

>     SMTP

You have several choices for SMTP (mail transport agent) programs.  We
use sendmail, but you can also pick smail, exim, or qmail.

>     POP3

Programs like qpopper provide this functionality.

>     IMAP4

Debian has an IMAP daemon complete with the latest security fixes.

>     3Com fast ethernet adapter 3C905-TX (or at least any other fast ethernet
>         card available on the market)

We use some 3COM cards.  We have had best luck with cards based on
Digital's chipset.  These include Kingston and SMC cards.

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