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On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Dermot John Bradley wrote:

> - gated (proposed): I built a package about 8-10 months ago but due to the
> requirement for a license (because of the OSPF code) it couldn't go into
> Debian (this was discussed on debian-devel back then). I still have my
> .dsc and .diffs.gz files for this for an older version and I started work
> on packaging gated 3.5.7 for libc6 last week (I see 3.5.8 has *just* come
> out). Any suggestions what to do with the finished version? could it go in
> non-free or would that still cause license problems?

i think an installer package in contrib is the best solution.  the installer

	- download the gated sources (using wget or lwp-request or snarf or an 
	  ftp script)
	- extract into /usr/src/debian/gated
	- apply debian patches
	- build the package

this can either be done in the post-inst or by installing a
/usr/sbin/make-gated script. the postinst version couldn't offer to
install the built package (dpkg is not re-entrant) but the make-gated
script could.

note that there are no problems with DOWNLOADING gated sources.  The
weird licensing is only a problem if you want to DISTRIBUTE it. debian
can't distribute any gated sources because we wont sign the distribution
license agreement.

> - ldap (proposed): built an unreleased package but could never get slurpd
> to work (threads problem). Intending to build under libc6 which is
> supposed to have better threads support. An alternative option is that
> Critical Angle have an RPM version of their heavily hacked Umich ldap.

Critical Angle's ldapd is non-free as far as i can tell from their


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