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Re: /sbin/hwclock and /etc/init.d/boot

walken@via.ecp.fr (Michel LESPINASSE)  wrote on 14.12.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.96.971214203421.9818A-100000@studio.via.ecp.fr>:

> >My immediate problem is that I have the hardware clock set to GMT and
> >my system clock is never getting set to the local timezone.
> Do you see "/etc/localtime" when you type "date +%Z" ?
> If so, then I'd say that you ran in a bug with the timezones package.
> Just purge it and install it again....

"tzconfig" should be enough there. Worked for me. I never found out how  
that happened (caused a complete mirror reload for me).

MfG Kai

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