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Re: Can I stay current using source packages instead of binaries?

Peter Mutsaers writes:
>Normally I stay current with hamm using dselect or dpkg directly. This
>uses binary packages. The drawback is that sometimes (most often) the
>real package doesn't change, but only the patches that were made to
>'debianize' it.
>Now I wonder whether it is possible (e.g. like the FreeBSD ports
>system) to stay current using source code; thus one only downloads the
>underlying package once, and gets new versions of the debian patches

This is a VERY interesting concept.  I would think that this could
even be applied to the binaries.  Since much of the changes are to
text based config files or the Debian control files.  I envision a
patch based upgrade for the Debian revision updates.  Just update the
files that have actually changed, and then update the dpkg status
files to reflect the upgrade.  Of course if there is a binary update
then that would be included in the update package. This would be a
huge savings for those of us who live off of dpkg-ftp over a dialup
connection.  Has this been discussed on debian-devel?

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