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Re: Config file management utility

Joe Emenaker wrote:
> Well, that's pretty much what I was suggesting in the beginning. The only
> difference is that you wouldn't have one, monolithic section. Rather,
> you'd have sections placed there by the individual packages. For example:
>   echo "42 6 * * * root run-parts /etc/cron.daily" | \
>     alter-file /etc/crontab --package=cron

This sounds like a good idea, rather than inventing the wheel over and over
many packages could use this single too.

Some things to look out for, though:

- if the file alter-file is a conffile, there will be problems later when
you upgrade the package containg the conffile. Perhaps this could be gotten
around by having the package with the conffile in it do somthing like
alter-file /etc/crontab --removeall, to remove all modification, and then in
the postinst, the package would run alter-file again to merge all the
modifications back into the conffile.

- you have to consider what happens if alter-file is asked to modify a file
that does not yet exist, becuase the package it is in has not been installed

see shy jo

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