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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

On Mon 08 Dec 1997, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:
> I just want to be able to use both the 'Backspace' key and the 'Delete'
> key on any VC, xterm or rxvt and I want them to do just what I expect them
> to do, which is the same as what they do in MS-DOS.
> Now, if I am seeing it totally wrong, then please explain it to me.

The VC sends DEL (octal 177) for the '<--' key, so by your own
requirements rxvt should also send DEL for that key.

> A year ago I started using Linux and all of a sudden I got confronted with
> people who strongly believe that the 'Backspace' key should do 'Delete'.
> This is very, very confusing to me. Why don't you just let the keys do
> what is written on them? I don't want the 'A' key to generate a 'B' and I
> don't want my 'Backspace' key to do 'Delete'. I have a 'Delete' key for
> that.

It's not a question of a key "doing" something. The key sends something,
and the application / tty driver "does" something with it. As long as the
"stty erase" value corresponds to what the "<--" key sends, there's no
problem.  You could make that key send ctrl-e or whatever; as long as the
stty value corresponds to that, it will work the way you expect it to.

As rxvt's default action is to configure the "<--" key to send whatever
is in the "stty erase" value, rxvt does The Right Thing, IMHO. Forcing
rxvt to always send ^H for the "<--" key would not be consistent with
what VC's do.

Paul Slootman
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