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Debian/m68k Macintosh


I recently got my hands on an old Macintosh IIci (8MB RAM/40 MB HD) and
wanted to give it a try under Linux (MultiFinder is cool, but... ;).

I've tried the boot/root disks located at ftp.mac.linux-m68k.org and had 2
good surprises:

1/ It does work (I _love_ to see an Apple booting in text mode without
any emission of ridiculous sounds ;)
2/ The provided rootdisk appears to be a Debian 1.3 install disk (Built
in June 1997).

Is there any interest in supporting these systems? If so, I may try to
update(*) those bootdisks and upload them in the archive.

(*): They're libc5 based and have minor keymap problems.


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