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Re: announcement lists

On Sun, Dec 07, 1997 at 01:49:38PM -0500, Mark W. Eichin wrote:
> > (<package-name>@debian.org??) I'll raise something I thought about a while
> I think it's package@bugs.debian.org actually, but I'm not sure; I
> only occasionally get mail to it -- all of it inappropriate
> (everything I've gotten to xbase@<> in particular should have either
> gone to debian-user or to submit@bugs, mostly the latter...)
> > a) subscribe <package>@debian.org to the announcement lists (with a limit on
> > the number of emails to be stored).
> Huh? the "package" addresses don't lead to email storing *anywhere* --
> they just forward directly to the listed package maintainer.  If the
> maintainer knows of an announce list, they can subscribe themselves
> (or <package> if they wish to); often there isn't one, and the package
> is only announced to c.o.l.a...

Oops - a bit of a "thinko" there :-)  However it would be nice to do this -
if there is no maintainer, then the mail could be binned (as a new
maintainer is quite likely to look for the latest version). IIRC, the
maintainer for ophaned packaged _should_ be set to the debian-qa group, who
could keep track of it.

> > b) be able to specify a URL which can be checked for changes - for instance:
> If it's practical for the maintainer to use, the "watch" stuff that
> deb-make sets up already exists.  I haven't really had too much
> trouble finding out about new releases, though...

I use debhelper rather than debmake as I prefer it's "clean" design. I
really should look at some of the debhelper (or is it devscripts now) stuff.
It would be nice to have this "watch process" setup once for the package,
rather than each new maintainer going through the same rigmarole. I suppose
a short note in the README.Debian of each package would help though.


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