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Re: bugs...

Quoting Mark W. Eichin (eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us):
> > seems to be at fault. My /usr/include/X11 was empty, so the cp failed
> Any idea how it *got* that way?  Were you upgrading (from what) or
> installing fresh? [you can look at /var/lib/dpkg/status.yesterday.*
> for hints, if you don't remember...]

Actually, I have no idea how it got like that. It first ran into
problems when I tried to go to 3.3.1-1 (same symptoms, crashed on the
cp.) My best guess is that it might have gotten partway through and
failed for some reason, leaving the system in an intermediate state. But
it happened a couple of weeks? ago, so I don't know exactly. Since
everything was still working, it was on the back burner. There obviously
aren't any status logs from that far back. I did notice something else
last night that might be related...
nedit installed its files to /usr/X11/bin, which didn't previously
exist. I can't remember if there was supposed to be a symlink from
/usr/X11 into the X11R6 tree. The result is a /usr/X11/bin which
contains two files, and a /usr/X11 that's owned by nedit. Is this
related? Unfortunately, this is the only debian machine that I run that
has X installed so I can't compare with another system.

> I've seen a couple of problems with packages that have the wrong
> install directory causing directories that *should* be symlinks to get
> created, if they get unpacked before xbase does -- so you might look
> for what *other* packages you have (try "dpkg -S /usr/include/X11" and
> see if it says something other than xbase, for example.)  The bug, in
> that case, is in the other package, but we still need to find it...

It looks like /usr/include/X11 is owned by xlib6g-dev. Weird. If I had
to guess, I might venture that this got out of wack during the
transition from bo to hamm (there were a lot of conflicts between the
existing libraries, especially X, and the new libs.) This might have
been cleaned up in the past two months.

Mike Stone

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