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Re: Can I stay current using source packages instead of binaries?

In article <199712082141.QAA09435@widget.ecn.purdue.edu>,
Brian K Servis <servis@purdue.edu> wrote:
>This is a VERY interesting concept.  I would think that this could
>even be applied to the binaries.  Since much of the changes are to
>text based config files or the Debian control files.  I envision a
>patch based upgrade for the Debian revision updates.  Just update the
>files that have actually changed, and then update the dpkg status
>files to reflect the upgrade.  Of course if there is a binary update
>then that would be included in the update package. This would be a
>huge savings for those of us who live off of dpkg-ftp over a dialup
>connection.  Has this been discussed on debian-devel?

I think someone suggested it.  Was it Jim Pick?  ISTR the idea was
to use an rsync-like algorithm to generate the binary patches.

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