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Re: Config file management utility

Steve Greenland wrote:
> That said, it appears that the only policy compliant way for a package
> to run a script more frequently than once a day is to register a user,
> and create a crontab for that user. This is not too onerous for
> news or sendmail, but seems like overkill for every little package.
> I don't have any good ideas, though...:-(

Yeah, I've been wrestling with the same problem today, with mrtg. I don't want
to create a user, of course.

I wonder if it would be legit to modify root's crontab, via crontab -e. It
complies with the letter of policy, but perhaps not the spirit..

At least that method would work around the problem of /etc/crontab, a
conffile, being modifed. /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root is not a conffile..

Another way, that sould comply with policy, were if cron came with a
update-crontab script, that was responsible for modifying /etc/crontab,
in a similar fasion to update-inetd.

see shy jo

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