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'sudo gedit' stopped working Re: 'sudo gedit' stopped working [SOLVED] (OT) Re: mschap-v2 de Linux a Windows (OT) Re: Unidentified subject! (SOLVED) Re: ia64? amd64 Re: -- SPAM -- Bullish Future of Computer Technology Stocks .xsession kills X server with sqeeze/fluxbox /dev/xen/evtchn disappears, HVM fails, xen 4.0.1-1 Debian Squeeze /home/user folder accidentally removed 512AN_MMWW2 it is a min pci exprress Découvrez les nouveautés chez Citroën La rentrée des pros avec HP Mensagem Bíblica Promoções de Ultima Hora - Varadero - Jamaica & Palma de Maiorca Vienna Conference - Abstracts last call Учeт и Haлoги Учeт и нaлогах Учeт и нaлoгaх Учет и нaлoгах Учет и нaлoги Сpoчно знaть ужe сeйчaс Bыплaты ЧП по-новому Kорпоративный тaйм-менeджмент Koрпоративный тaйм-менeджмент Oффшoрные сxeмы в бизнесe Oффшoрные схeмы в бизнесе Re: нoвая инфa o рaботе ЧП в 2011 Мexанизмы упpавлeния активами и капиталом Мeханизмы упpавления aктивами и кaпиталом Découvrez le fichier des Comités d'Entreprises [bash] script (redirect output) to file and email [conclusion] root can't sudo [Conclusion] tar and --sparse [debian-user] Any one getting aptitude frozen on "update" with Translation-en bzip2 ? Re: [debian-user] Evolution no longer providing calendar notification unless uder desktop environment (unstable) [debian-user] ifup/ifdown interfaces + guessnet + tap bridges Fwd: [Mw] Gmail accounts [News] Flash player plugin (64 bits) comes back! Re: [opensuse] Fwd: [Mw] Gmail accounts [OT] a radar-like tracking device [OT] Hardware failure? [OT] In case you never receive this mail ... (was gdm3 exclude certain usernames) [OT] permissions on samba share [OT] Scanning through virtualbox (was: hp deskjet 2050 scanner not working) [Resolved] badblocks: No such file or directory while trying to determine device size [Semi-OT] Process *name* a valid concept in Unix/Linux? [Sikved]Re: Squeeze AMD64 Sound/Libs Issue [SOLVED] detect ethernet card? Re: [solved] Ethernet connection [SOLVED] lilo config is busted, need help fixing it [SOLVED] Lilo: fatal: raid_setup: stat("/dev/hda") [Solved] My lenny picks the wrong resolution whereas squeeze is right [SOLVED] Problems mounting cdrom [SOLVED] Re: New sound card on amd64 [solved] Re: rsync issue [solved] Re: Strange `No space left' on usb pendrive [SOLVED] where did my ata drives go? [SOLVED]Re: ERROR: Firmware file "b43/ucode5.fw" not found [Updated] Proposed Fluxbox style for Debian Re: [Was: OpenIPMI is mysterious] Bugs in Lenny FW: [Xen-devel] xen 4 only seeing one keyboard and mouse, fixed in xen 4.0.2-rc-pre ^C show up on bash command line adding testing repositories Affichez vous sur le net facilement Alias definition [Was: Re: how to configure gcc] allow_cancellation in /etc/e2fsck.conf doesn't work alternatives to xnetload AMD 'cool & quiet' stopped working in squeeze (and lenny?) anacron mail encoding ANSWERED Re: Mini system...What image to use? Re: Any one getting aptitude frozen on "update" with Translation-en bzip2 ? Re: Any one getting aptitude frozen on "update" with Translation-en bzip2 ? apt and qt4-X11 bugs in testing upgrade? aptitude called chromium-browser "obsolete" Re: Aptitude cannot upgrade libperl5.10 Aptitude: does not update. RE: Arrow keys won't scroll history in squeeze konsole/bash Asynchronous HTTP Cache Validations - Varnish or Squid for high volume websites? ATA Disk problems. Authenticating NFS users authentication of multiple users for one mail server Awkward alt-key problem... Backing up email to a CD badblocks: No such file or directory while trying to determine device size Badly Formatted Emails bashrc, bash_profile, /etc/skel/ - Debian Squeeze Be iFamily to reward yourself by dressing up your Apple products A better Emacs sql mode? Re: Blu-ray status in Linux Blu-ray status in Linux (was: Does the HDCP crack have any implications for Debian?) boot usb-hdd, grub error 17 Bullish Future of Computer Technology Stocks Burn DVD with CJK file names Calibrating cartridges in CUPS: how? Can I have a working VLC in Lenny, and transcode, and ffmpeg? Can I sudo rsync to remote Can start X once but no more Can't Install Packages in Batch Mode Can't locate ndiswrapper module! Cannot print from Adobe Acrobat Card reader stopped working after update Change to 2 interfaces on 1 NIC? changes to cron Clarification of previous message; Re: WMP and Flash in Squeeze Comments on proposed partitioning scheme config usb wireless as access point? Configuration for a Linux router with a client having a public address configuration of subordinate interface in a bridge; was Linux hub configuring CUPS and LPD. Confusion with Package Name Connecting to a wifi network requiring certificate authentication converting pcm raw output to wav or mp3 file copy via rsync courier certificate regeneration. cpufreq not loaded in amd64? creating a logical volume with a disk with existing data Creating DVD and CDs Creating Video DVDs from VOB files only Cron and ssh keys CVE 2010-3081 changes internal API Debian based NAS? What to buy? debian lenny installation issues Debian not running in Windoof 7 Virtual PC (in VirtualBox) Debian on Dell Inspiron 15 or 15R laptops? Debian Sid questions on compiz, missing xorg.conf etc Debian system modifications tmpfs Debian VServer in Germany detect ethernet card? df: where is the root fs? dhclient.conf: prepend domain-name-servers doesn't influence resolv.conf Direcionar logs para tty2 directly install RH packages using rpm instead of alien Disappearing mouse Distributed bugtracker - Was: Re: Distributed Debian Distribution Development Distributed Debian Distribution Development Do not reboot on system error - how? Does the HDCP crack have any implications for Debian? Re: Fwd: Duda Dumping terminal contents to a file The last update was on 19:37 GMT Sun Mar 25. There are 2213 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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