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Re: [debian-user] Evolution no longer providing calendar notification unless uder desktop environment (unstable)

On 9/1/10, Jesús M. Navarro <jesus.navarro@undominio.net> wrote:
> Hi, Javier:
> On Wednesday 01 September 2010 16:52:54 Javier Vasquez wrote:
>> OK,
>> I just didn't want to use any startup script such the same fluxbox
>> one, or ~/.xsession, or ~/.xinitrc.  The reason being is that I'd
>> prefer anything Evolution depends upon to be called when invoking
>> Evolution.  I don't call Evolution always that I start X, :-)
>> But it's good to know I can launch the alarm excutable even if
>> Evolution is not to be launched, so it can be put in the background
>> and the it's used when launching Evolution.  Bad thing is that we have
>> unneeded processes in the background.  Not sure if that's the way
>> things are moving for most applications now (that's one of the reasons
>> I don't like desktop managers)...
> Unneeded?  So you think getting an alarm depending on some desktop GUI
> program
> running instead of the fact that the alarm time has been reached is somehow
> unneeded?
> --
> Cheers.

If I'm not to load evolution, I was under the impression I wouldn't
even need the alarm notifications from evolution.  I see there's a
benefit from it now.  In my case though, I don't plan (which might
change) to access the calendar without evolution opened.  So to me
it's still unneeded, which might change later, :-)

At any rate, whether on a wrapper to call evolution, or through X
initialization scripts, there's something I don't like, and it's the
possibility of changing whether such wrappers or the scripts, if the
evolution version changes.  One might play with symbolic links, but
then you don't have to change the scripts, but instead the symlinks,
so there's some manual process to at least check when there are

I still need to try:


But that won't solve the automation I'd like to have, :-)  I'll wait
for the portunity to kill my X session to try out, :-)


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