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Re: Can I sudo rsync to remote

T o n g skrev 2010-09-01 06:45:
> Hi,
> My ssh environment is so set up that I can do 
>  rsync files me@remote_host:/path
> just fine without password whereas rsync files root@remote_host:/path 
> would fail.
> Under such setting what's the easiest approach to rsync files that I 
> can't read locally and write remotely as me. 
> Thanks

One solution would be to setup your root@remote_host account so you can
login to that without password as well, and then just run
sudo rsync files root@remote_host:/path

You'll most likely need to enter password for the local sudo, if you
havent configured it to dont ask for password.

Also, consider the security implications in automatically allowing your
user to login as root on the remote_host, you remote_host might be
compromised if your local machine is.

Best regards,

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