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Re: Cannot print from Adobe Acrobat

On 04/09/10 20:57, AG wrote:
Hello list

I seem to have lost the ability to print from Adobe Acrobat using Debian Testing. OOo prints just fine as do other applications, but for some reason Adobe doesn't want to play nicely with CUPS. Can anyone offer me a way of debugging this and resolving the situation please?

The Adobe in question is 9.3.1.  Thanks for any assistance.


Thanks for the responses. I tried installing from debian-multimedia but it kept failing - unmet dependencies and then, when I downloaded the package to use with dpkg -i the error messages the installation script wanted to install to /usr/bin even though /usr/bin seems included in the package. Anyway, I downloaded the non-free version from Adobe and installed using dpkg -i. The result, acroread now prints. Job done.


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