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Re: Backing up email to a CD

If the tool you are looking for is to do a mirror of all the mails from IMAP erver to your local disk, then, toy can look at this


This will create a copy of the complete mails in all your folders in the imap server to your disk so that you can later copy them into a DVD with the burner of your choice (i particularly like mkisofs and growisofs/cdrecord appropriately)

In case it is pop, then it is easy. Use the mail folders present in the
client machine which will contain all the mails.

On Sat, 4 Sep 2010, James Stuckey wrote:

Hi, I asked a question a week or so ago about backing up e-mail. What I meant was that I wanted
to back it up to a CD. The responses I got talked about backing it up to an IMAP server. Does
anyone know how to back it up to a CD?

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