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Re: Does the HDCP crack have any implications for Debian?

 On 18/09/10 19:10, Angus Hedger wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Sep 2010 10:51:21 +1000
> Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> wrote:
>> The key is legitimate (confirmed by Intel)  - what has been
>> misreported is that the key is used for encrypting the contents of
>> the disk... the disks are encrypted using AACS,  it's the stream from
>> the player to the screen that is encrypted with HDCP.
>> The key (I want it printed on a bedsheet) is most likely to turn up
>> in a FPGA board, to be used by people wanting to rip the stream (need
>> fast RAID and a few TB of space).
> You would need around about 1TB of space for 1 movie uncompressed and
> the FPGA/raid would need to be able to sustain around about 120-200MB/s.
> So it would need to be a highend FPGA/Raid, but the whole thing could
> probs be had for around about £1000 + disks.
> ------
> Regards,
> Angus Hedger
> Debian GNU/Linux User	PGP Public Key 0xEE6A4B97

Agreed (though I've no idea what a UK (?) pound is worth. 1920 x 1080 x
24 bits per pixel x 24 fps = 145MB/sec (not allowing for audio)
I suspect there would only be two types of user for the key - vendors of
home entertainment systems "might" become a market (though they already
use a system to bypass restrictions on projectors), and commercial
pirating operations (the ones who actually press disks). Though the
articles I've read all talk about pirates I suspect the reporters are
just *cough* wrong (pre-release pirate material is copied from studio
prior to encryption).
I recall reading an article by a Google engineer where he spoke of a
(Linux) system using multiple off-the-shelf computers with software (?)
RAID  to achieve near-RAM speed disk access - and an evaluation FPGA
card from www.xilinx.com is fairly cheap...

With reference to the original posters question - maybe, just maybe, the
key might become part of a driver to allow any display to display a
stream from a blueray player... but I won't be writing it. I'm very
happy with the performance I get by simply copying the bluerays I buy to
hard drive, and I prefer keep my media on hdd.


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