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Re: Debian based NAS? What to buy?

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 11:06:57PM +0200, Francisco Borges wrote:
> I am thinking about buying a new NAS box. Not a DIY box, but a ready
> to use NAS (2 to max 4 trays) for home use (it has to be *small* and
> quiet).
> As I had a lot of trouble with my ReadyNas Duo (Debian based but now
> unsupported), for which I now have trouble buying supported 2G disks,
> so I am looking out to buy something more future proof WRT software
> support.
> Can anyone recommend me a Debian-based NAS?

I was in the same situation as you not a month or two ago. I spend days
online looking for a good NAS, and really couldn't find anything that
impressed me. I ended up going with 4-1 TB 3.5" drives, and putting them
in a Linux software RAID 10 with LVM on top. I know it's not a NAS, but
no matter what I looked at, I couldn't find anything decent. I had a lot
of friends online recommend this and that, then they'd get into a
discussion why this brand or the other sucks.

So, my RAID array is now accessible via SSHFS, NFS, asd CIFS. All my
GNU/Linux machines, my wife's iMac and our virtual XP box can access the
data on the drives. Works great.

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