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Re: Debian based NAS? What to buy?

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 4:36 AM, Jeff Latta <engineer@windpumps.ca> wrote:
> Francisco Borges wrote:
>> I am thinking about buying a new NAS box. Not a DIY box, but a ready
>> to use NAS (2 to max 4 trays) for home use (it has to be *small* and
>> quiet).
> I'm looking for one of those too.  I will probably go with the QNAP TS-219P
> because of its relatively small size and low power consumption which is 5W
> in sleep and 21W in operation.  It does have one fan.  Sound level is
> specified at 36.3 dB in operation.

The only NAS (I know of) without a fan is also from QNAP but IIRC it's
a single drive (TS-119).

> There was a thread on Debian-ARM about
> installation so it will run Debian.  I was impressed with the number of
> features that the QNAP products had.  It comes with embedded Linux and is
> expandable with their QPKG Software Package Platform.  I haven't owned a
> QNAP product before.  Any comments from those of you that do?

I also never owned a QNAP box, but I do own a ReadyNas Duo which has
been giving me some trouble.  (BTW, actual owners of QNAP gear: I am
also waiting to hear from you!)

The ReadyNas Duo (and AFAIK all ReadyNas'es) run a modified version of
Debian, so you could just run apt-get but you can't just install
"regular" Debian on them (at least not in the Sparc based Duo). In
practice it means I have a machine with dead software support. The
Debian version on my ReadyNas is Sarge.... so being able to install
Debian directly is indeed a major selling point for me as well.

Before I had the ReadyNas I wanted a NAS with wake-on-lan (which
neither my ReadyNas nor the QNAP TS-219P have). But I found that using
scheduled power on/off is sufficient for my needs.

Kind regards,

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