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Re: authentication of multiple users for one mail server

On Thu, 09 Sep 2010 16:36:33 -0400, brownh wrote:

> Camaleón writes:
>> On Wed, 08 Sep 2010 16:52:23 -0400, brownh wrote:
>> (...)
>>> When it comes to digging into exim4's configuration files, it all goes
>>> over my head. But I gather from googling that exim4's default is to
>>> route to only local mailboxes or domains. If that were do, I'd get
>>> nothing out. In any case, I was unable to locate the variable and
>>> value DCconfig_internet=1 in all the exim4 configuration files.
>> I would take a look into Exim4 manual:
>> 2.1. The Configuration System
>> http://pkg-exim4.alioth.debian.org/README/README.Debian.html#id280581
>> And also "man update-exim4.conf", more precisely to
>> "dc_eximconfig_configtype" variable.
> Thanks, Camaleón, but no luck. I carefully reread the Debian debconf
> questions, and yet questions remain.

I was referring you to the doc on how to setup Exim4 to send e-mails to 
external hosts. Can't you still send messages to external hosts? :-?

> In the dpkg-reconfigure section one question asks whether to hide local
> mail names. What shows up by default is my _local_ domain name. I gather
> this hiding refers to what appears in the message envelop, and so my
> intuition is that I would not want the local domain name there. I
> changed the default to just the domain name. For example, my current
> machine is teufel.historicalMaterialism.info, and I changed this to
> historicalMaterialism.info. Was this a mistake?

I think the meaning of that field is explained in the the above doc: Hide local mail name in outgoing mail

If you do not want to get the default machine name address, you can 
change it with this variable.
> Likewise, in an earlier question, I provide the system mail name. This
> is the domain name used to construct addresses. However, here again it
> the default entry was my _local_ domain name, but since I don't want to
> have my addresses show the local domain name, I changed the default
> local domain name to domain name. Again, I hope I did the right thing.
> On the page for the IP addresses for which exim4 should listed, there
> has traditionally appeared "". With squeeze, however, it shows
> up as ; ::1 without explanation. What is this added "::1" IP
> address? Or is it garbage that I should cut out?

That is the loopback address in ipv6 notation. I would leave the defaults 
unless you know what are you doing :-)

> I don't know if any of this has any relation to the SMTP authentication
> issue. I understand that it is best to rely on TLS authentication, which
> I'll try in the future, but this issue has already interferred too much
> with important work, so must leave put off the big challenge of TLS for
> the next time and cross my fingers in the meantime.


One suggestion. E-mail servers can be complex. I'd configure first the 
basics of Exim's mailing system (sending and receiving from local and 
remote, users...) and then go on with adding extra security (TLS, SSL).

First time I had to setup an e-mail server (Postfix) before starting 
editing the config files, I wrote down in a paper the whole mailing 
routing and setup based on my expectations (what I wanted to get and how 
I wanted things to get done). 

Then, I read a lot of documentation about the mail server I was to 
configure to get an idea of how the service works. The basis of all mail 
servers are almost the same, but the tips and tricks to configure them 
vary a lot. I mean "a lot" :-) 

The last thing I did was to run a simple setup (just one user, to send 
and receive e-mails) to get a start point. After that, I fine-grained the 
setup by adding smtp-auth, tls, imap, etc...



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