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Re: Backing up email to a CD

On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 6:45 PM, Paul Cartwright <debian@pcartwright.com> wrote:
On Sat September 4 2010, James Stuckey wrote:
> Hi, I asked a question a week or so ago about backing up e-mail. What I
> meant was that I wanted to back it up to a CD. The responses I got talked
> about backing it up to an IMAP server. Does anyone know how to back it up
> to a CD?

you a CD burning program, like brasero or K3B and copy your Mail folder to a
CD & burn it. Might be a good idea to back up ALL your files if they fit on a
CD.. /home/USER, includine "." files.. this will get all the good config
files like .gconfg, .bashrc...

your mail will probably be under a folder like:
/home/USER/Maildir or /home/USER/Mail....

Paul Cartwright
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Okay, but how do I get the e-mail off the server?

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