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Re: AMD 'cool & quiet' stopped working in squeeze (and lenny?)

On 20100925_233536, Aniruddha wrote:
> I have found some information at the link below. Apparently only
> mobile processors are supported. You could try:
> modprobe processor
> modprobe powernowd-k8
> http://technowizah.com/2007/01/debian-how-to-cpu-frequency-management.html

Thanks, but ...

The how-to is just the sort of thing I was asking for. What to
modprobe, etc.  The discussion there agrees with you that only the
mobile processors are supported. But the fan on my mo-bo would start
fast and slow down during boot up. It did this for several years ---
until about 150 hours ago. Now it keeps going fast. Something
changed. Was there a 'bug' in the software that allowed it to control
the fan even though the manufacturer specified that it wouldn't? And
that 'bug' has been 'fixed'? A mighty strange bug.

Even now there is a slight hesitation in the fan speed at the moment
during boot-up when it used to slow. But then it regains speed.

When I try to install the modules using modprobe, there is an error
message that asserts that they are not found. But the .ko files are
there on disk and are listed by modprobe -l. So I would count the
detailed wording of the error message as a bug. It is seriously
misleading to claim a reason for failure to load that is easily found
to be false. 'incompatible with CPU hardware' might be better words,
if in fact there really is an incompatiblity.

I hope there is a recovery fix for my computer, but I think I'll
have to learn to live with the noise.

Paul E Condon           

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