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Comments on proposed partitioning scheme

I'm a new GNU/Linux user. I've recently received a desktop with lots
of disk space and I've been thinking about how to use it effectively.
It will contain lots of multimedia files, and later I want to set up
mail & web servers on it, primarily for edification rather than
production, so these are my "constraints" while I planned the scheme.
Any comments on whether I'll regret doing the following would be
appreciated since I'm led to believe that the encryption phase of big
disks can take a very long time if you do it properly (so I'd rather
minimise passes due to stupidity :p).

I have two 80GB disks, which will hold my "system" files.
I have two 500GB disks which will be my home drive.

I plan to mirror both sets of disks using RAID1.

My mirrored 80GB disks will contain the following, the format of my
examples is mount_point (size) [options]
/boot (1 GB) [unencrypted, RAID1]
/       (5 GB) [encrypted, RAID1]
/var   (20 GB) [encrypted, RAID1]
/tmp  (500 MB) [encrypted, RAID1]
/usr   (rest of space) [encrypted, RAID1]
swap (4 GB) [encrypted] (I have 4 GB of RAM)

My mirrored 500GB with contain the following,
/home (500GB) [encrypted, RAID1]

Do you think this is a silly/decent scheme? Am I being naive about
anything? Your comments much appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your time,

Charlie Turner

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

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