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Re: Debian VServer in Germany

Andrei Popescu on 18/09/10 07:17, wrote:
On Sb, 18 sep 10, 01:21:32, Klistvud wrote:
Dne, 17. 09. 2010 23:12:29 je Andrei Popescu napisal(a):
Just out of curiosity, how would you tell you haven't lost e-mail?
Assumptions that the sender will retry do not count[1] ;)

Dead simple -- accompany every mail with a signture, such as:

*In case you never receive this mail, please notify me immediately*



I received a manual virus recently. It told me to delete all the files on my harddrive, and then forward it to all my contacts. Fortunately I realised, and didn't do it.

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