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Creating DVD and CDs

Hi all,

After finally figuring out how to back up my e-mail files I now need to go about putting them onto a CD. What I have here is just a folder with files inside of it. I have some notes that I took at some point in front of me about making a CD and DVD and before I use them I'd like to ask the list to see if I've got it right.

To make a *CD* one first needs to create an ISO file. This is done with the "genisoimage" command. I took a look at the man-page for that and it gives several examples. Which one do I use? Do I need a Vanilla ISO9660 filesystem? Rock Ridge extensions? What's the difference?

For a *DVD* the process is a little different. For example: "mkiso fs -rJ -i image stuff && growisofs -dvd-compact -z /dve/dvd=image"

After either of those commands, one need simply "wodim image.iso"

James S.

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