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Re: Can't locate ndiswrapper module!

[CCing Bruce as he might not be subscribed due to no answer from him in
this thread]

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 08:57:43PM +1200, Bruce Ward wrote:
> I get this message:
> FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found.
> Further investigation leads me to the web page for the Debian
> package ndiswrapper-source (1.53-2). On that page is found:
> 'This package provides the source code for the ndiswrapper kernel
> module. If you use a standard distribution kernel, you mostly will
> not need this, but use the pre-compiled modules instead.'
> This looks good (Note this is a "toy" laptop - 48MB RAM - running
> Lenny with a PCMCIA wireless card with a Marvell chip) if I can

According to: http://wiki.debian.org/NdisWrapper#Lenny
<!> 16-bit PC Card (PCMCIA) devices are not supported. Cardbus devices are supported.

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