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[no subject] Re: "cdrecord -scanbus" - was Re: Cd burning with kernel 2.6.10 "foreign" fonts for X11 ? "Kernel Panic" upgrading from 2.4.27 to 2.6.8 "Upgrading" to sarge when it goes stable? "write" another user on the same computer (Briefly) Cursor in Firefox (OT) gv multiple print -> square numbers Re: (SOLVED) Unable to properly install 2 packages .bash_profile not sourced on login Re: .bash_profile not sourced on login [Solved] .ch does not imply .ch does not imply .de (PASSWORD FOR DEBIAN CD TO INSTALL APLYCATIONS) /dev/psaux deleted; mknod helps but not permanent /dev? for USB dvdrw drive? /etc/modules comment is wrong 3 unrelated Questions (ipmasq, vncserver, and IceWM) 36 hours of freedom. 3D gaming unsubscribe Part-time job for Everyone Re: Divulgação חג שמח! Belföldi hétvégék - LICITEN about dpkg Re: [debian] Re: cannot mount cdrom! Re: [debian] Re: Gnome File Association Re: [debian] Re: Virii on linux [fixed] Re: smssend does not do anything ? [Fwd: Re: [OT] Bash Script Help] [Fwd: Re: alsa problem] [Fwd: Re: aMSN] [IPMG1:SUSPECTED SPAM] Re: Configuring X on Intel 82845 gl board [newbie] Compile Kernel 2.4.18 with dynamic module support [newbie] Problem upload with file-server (samba, nfs, ftp and ssh) Re: [OT] $DISPLAY screwing up with EPS when matlab run in background? [OT] Bash Script Help Re: [OT] Debian is ugly -- package for beautification? [OT] Hotmail calls mail from my server spam; how do I contact them? Re: [OT] Project management [OT] Re: 3D gaming [OT] Re: Best way to document console steps on a web page? [OT] Re: how do you protect from spammers in Debian lists? [OT] Re: Please, stop mail massive [OT] Test RE: [OT] USB mp3 recorder recommendation? [OT] X-friendly KVM switch? [pecondon: need help with OOWriter under Debian, and embedded JPEG images [pre|post]-install in modules.conf don't work [sid] Kernel upgrade made system unbootbale [Solved, but] Re: grub savedefault and saved does not seem to work Re: [solved] clock troubles Re: [SOLVED] Custom kernel building and mkinitrd [solved] Re: Ctrl + F11 not working in Eclipse [SOLVED] Re: cups print to samba host Re: [solved] Small issues, but still annoying Re: [solved] Squid and Transparent Proxy for just one box Re: [xine-user] Cracking noise playing Audio CDs on kaffeine/xine `last -i` confusion Re: About boot scripts and pppoe [was Dydns service] Re: about dpkg About Sarge's bootup access from cups to a remote printer with authentication? Activating Automount for USB Pen drive devices in Gnome Adaptec AIC-8130 and HP ML150 G2 Adding DVD hardware adduser: what is the difference between --disabled-password and --disabled-login All browsers crash on button click (java?) Alla c.a. del Dirigente Scolastico Alla c.a. del Dirigente scolastico Re: already solved alsa alsa & kernel-image upgrade alsa problem alsa sound config amaroK 1.2 crashing too often Ambiguity in dmesg output AMD cooling utility in debian aMSN Announcement: The Web Security Mailing List Any experience with oolatex? any particular reason why jailkit has not been packaged? Any software backups for lowest pricest. Any software just for 15$ - 99$ Anyone using libasound2-plugins? apache2 error log Apache2 stops automagicly every sunday (log rotate and OpenSSL problem). apt CDROM Method apt keeps the same upgradeable packages apt preferences apt-file update gives errors apt-get --reinstall doesn't work apt-get and synaptic error Re: apt-get deprecated? apt-get install mysql apt-get question apt-get remove kernel-image-2.6.8-2-k7 also removes kernel-image-2.6-k7 Apt-Get Upgrade Error - Apache-SSL apt-proxy setup questions aptitude --with-recommends aptitude -t Aptitude woes Ardeen Burbidge ASE 12.5.2 on Debian Sarge Re: Asus *A7V* motherboard and Promise RAID bios patch on Linux? Asus K7V motherboard and Promise RAID bios patch on Linux? ATI driver errors after last dist-upgrade ([fglrx:firegl_rmmap] *ERROR* map 0xde28ff10 still in use) audacity problem: no I/O devices Audio CD Burning Perplexities audio system Auto disconnecting idle telnet session Auto disconnecting time Re: Auto Disconnecting... Re: Auto Disconnet ... Auto disconneting time Autoboot programs autofs weirdness, invisible files Automatic package updating / upgrading Avoiding make-kpkg clean, redux Background question Backing up critical data ((was Re: Please help: Accidentally wiped off the whole hard disk!!!) backport dependencies Backup and Restore Strategy Backup mirror machine bash command substitution problem Bash script problem bcm5700 driver installation problem Re: Re: Beep instead of written letter - keyboard-problem with gnome(SID) Best file system for Disk quotas and undelete Re: Best way to back up a disk? Best way to document console steps on a web page? best way to implement disk mirroring in Debian Woody 3.0 Bind keypress to shell command? bluetooth how to? boot problems Booting from floppies broadband question Broken part of ram -- 100% broken? Bug in command date? Bug in Radeon in kernel 2.6.8? bug? serial port raw input mode dependent on processing flags? Building a custom version of wget Burning Cd's Burning with k3b -- "find: /dev/.static: Permission denied" but suddenly spring C Compiler? Re: C-Media 8738 ALSA problems Cacti Problems Call for upgrade testing Cambio di indirizzo e-mail di Informagiovani. Can anyone offer help re Apache2 and phpicalendar? can ping but mozilla doesn't work Can running Synaptic cause kde-package mgr to behave incorectly? Can Solaris and Debian co-exist? Can someone replicate a firefox/cups printing bug Can we define a Key Binding for mouse click in FVWM Can't boot after ghost restore Re: Can't burn CDs since kernel 2.6.7 - am I the only one? The last update was on 18:42 GMT Sun Nov 19. There are 3568 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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