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Re: [OT] X-friendly KVM switch?

On 02/05/05 02:38 Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
I'm looking for an X-friendly PS/2-style KVM switch.  Currently, I
have a Belkin 4-port Omniview E series, and whenever I switch back to
X from another system, the mouse goes all crazy and I have to

Anyone have a well-behaved KVM switch?

My Belkin KVM worked fine with when I had it set up with windows and redhat, but then I installed debian on the linux box and i get what you're getting.

I'm not using gpm either.

As a temp solution if you want, I sort the mouse out by unplugging the mouse cable from the KVM and plugging it back in. It sorts itself out then somehow.

I tried finding a better solution but I got nowhere, plus people telling me to go and buy a new KVM (in typical disposable society fashion).

I actually contacted Belkin and the support guy said the newer KVMs have flashable ROM and can be upgraded, but mine is not so.

Anyway if you do buy a new one, let us know if it all works OK.

Linux 2.6.11 Debian

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