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Re: [OT] X-friendly KVM switch?

On Sun, 2005-05-01 at 19:38 -0600, Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> I'm looking for an X-friendly PS/2-style KVM switch.  Currently, I
> have a Belkin 4-port Omniview E series, and whenever I switch back to
> X from another system, the mouse goes all crazy and I have to
> ctrl+alt+backspace.
> Anyone have a well-behaved KVM switch?
> 4-port would be great, but I can live with 2.  As long as I'm asking,
> it would be great if you could tell me if
> a) you can switch systems with keystrokes instead of having to touch
> the switch
> b) if the switch beeps when you switch systems

I use a 4-port D-Link DKVM-4 every day at work without a problem. I use
it primarily to switch between my Linux box and my (work enforced)
Windows box and it works fine in both. You can switch screens by tapping
Scroll Lock twice followed by either 1-4. (I think Scroll Lock x 2 +
arrow key works as well, but I don't use it.) 

It does beep when you switch screens which is usually a good thing.
Except on days when I'm working on code in linux and testing in windows,
when the incessant beeping annoys my coworkers and myself. :)

I'm not sure how much it costs since work provided it, but I think it's
right around $100US.

Alex Malinovich
Support Free Software, delete your Windows partition TODAY!
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pgp.net keyservers. Key ID: A6D24837

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