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Burning with k3b -- "find: /dev/.static: Permission denied"

Hey ho,

Everything has been working smoothly for quite some time for me now, so 
something was bound to go wrong...

I regularly burn CD's with k3b, always a pleasant experience. Starting 
today, though, when I start it from a command line, the first line 
reads "find: /dev/.static: Permission denied". Apart from me not having 
much of a clue about udev (which I think this is related to), I can't 
remember having seen that message before.

It seems problematic enough; k3b later on tells me it cannot find a 
suitable writer, so I'll only be able to create an image of what I want 
to burn...

As far as I recall, none of the relevant packages have recently been 
updated. I didn't mess around in /dev myself either, nor did I upgrade 
my kernel... What I did do was a little playing around with graveman, 
which I thought might be(come) a suitable Gnome replacement for k3b, 
but I'd think that shouldn't matter...

Has someone else seen this already? I'd Google some, but the error 
itself doesn't yield much of a result, and I'm not sure what to look 
for, really...


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