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apt-proxy setup questions

(sorry for dups[1])

I'm just setting up apt-proxy, but have a few questions.

1) apt-proxy caches the .deb files I request.  So, if I want to
*pre* fetch packages via cron during the night I might run:

    apt-get -qq update && \
    apt-get -qqd dist-upgrade && \
    apt-get -qq clean

which fetches packages but doesn't install.  I use "clean" to remove
the packages from /var/cache/apt/archive since the packages are
already on my local LAN (in /var/cache/apt-proxy).  That's just to
avoid storing duplicates of the same .deb files in different locations
on the same disk.

Is that a good method to pre-fetch packages to make a real
dist-upgrade fast?

2) I'm confused about what to put into sources.list.  Before
apt-proxy I had not only my normal Debian archives listed, but a few
others for various packages -- such as transcode and mplayer:

   deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main

Now, with apt-proxy I have this to use entry in sources.list (assuming
"aptproxy" is the proxy machine):

   deb http://aptproxy:9999/debian unstable main non-free contrib

Do I also need an entry for the marillat packages in sources.list?
Or do I only need to add an entry into the apt-procy-v2.conf file?

I suspect I don't really understand how the Debian archive works.
Seems like if I add a new backend into apt-proxy then the clients
would be able to find the package without having to modify the
client's sources.list file.

That is, if some package is not the the main Debian archive, but
available someplace else (like in the marillat archive) then only
apt-proxy would need to know about that new "backend" -- basically
extending my local archive -- and the Marillat packages magically
become available to all my clients.

3) One thing I'm not clear is how to limit package selection to a
given archive.  Say two different sites provide archives that both
contain mplayer and transcode.  So, normally you might only use one
archive for both packages.  But, is it possible to setup apt to only
fetch mplayer from one archive and transcode from the other?  That
is, limit a package to a given archive?


[1] posted similar on apt-proxy list.

Bill Moseley

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