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Re: AMD cooling utility in debian

On Saturday April 30 2005 11:03 am, Joydeep Bakshi wrote:
> I have AMD Sempron 2200 processor on ASRock motherboard. my linux
> box is debian-sarge. I have found some utilities to cool down the
> processor temperature. some utilities warn having a performance
> loss like *noisy sound*, *poor hard-disk response*, etc. etc.  may
> happen during its operation.

I'm going to assume you're a Windows user trying to overcome a 
retarded Windows design flaw that has the CPU do a whole lot of 
nothing at full steam instead of using HLT instructions to let the 
CPU *really* not do anything when it's idle.

Linux doesn't have this problem, the kernel has what you're looking 
for by default.

Paul Johnson
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