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Re: apt-get deprecated?

Luis Finotti wrote:

So, with net-install at least, using aptitude from the start might not
work "out of the box".
I just recently did a Sarge net-install and have exclusively used aptitude. I have had no problems. Then only thing I've had to do is mark the dependencies of packages which were installed during the net-install as "automatic". This is my preferences and I do it when these packages get updated.

I like being able to see the dependencies(suggests and recommended) clearly when installing and updating packages. The final screen before confirming your install/update, where you can scroll the packages list of automatically install packages and see what package requires them is especially nice when you are install multiple packages. I additionally appreciated being able to select suggested and recommended packages and have them installed automatically. I couldn't figure out how to do this with apt-get, I continually had to go to packages.debian.org and find those items and then install them separately. If I decided I did not what the package, I would have to remember to remove those aux. packages. I have never had aptitude try to remove unwanted packages, except when I made a mistake myself. However I don't have any pinned packages and don't keep and mixed system (except for a couple packages from unstable). I'm also religious about check dependencies of the packages I install and the dependencies of the dependencies and so on and making sure they are all mark the way I would like them to be. Aptitude is nice for this. I must say I never had a problem with apt-get either.

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