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Re: apt-get deprecated?

On 30 Apr 2005, Jules Dubois wrote:
> On Saturday 30 April 2005 07:19, Lee Braiden <jel@tundra.ath.cx>
> (<200504301419.39398.jel@tundra.ath.cx>) wrote:


> Personally, I updated the package database using aptitude, by hand -- this
> is basically a one-time, if tedious, process.  Following this, the idea
> that "apt-get will happily do without the bother" means that apt-get won't
> automatically remove packages which are really are unused.  In those days,
> I found some cases where four versions of a library were installed of which
> three really were unneeded.  (Whether this state of affairs requires
> correction is generally a matter of opinion.  In my opinion, it did.)
> To 'tidy' such a system requires either 
> * knowing a priori which packages can be purged;
> * trial and error at simulating package removal while noting which
>   (otherwise desirable or necessary) packages might also be removed; or
> * using some tool which shows the dependencies of packages you want,
>   and removing anything which doesn't appear in these lists.

Currently I just do "wajig purge-orphans" occasionally, which seems to do
the job reliably and safely so far as I can see.


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