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Re: [OT] X-friendly KVM switch?

On 2005-05-02, Kent West penned:
> Sorry; don't have a suggestion on a KVM, but to fix your mouse, you
> might not have to kill X; you might can switch to a VT and back
> again.  If that doesn't work, and you're running gpm, restart gpm.

Thanks for the ideas.  Switching VTs doesn't work (I'd tried that
already, but I tried again just in case).  In fact, now it seems to
have decided to go all crazy if I've even switched without X up and
then run X.  Bleh!

No gpm right now.

Seems like *something* isn't emulating right, so I'd just as soon get
one that works.  Then I can put this switch in the basement with our
servers, where we're currently using the high-tech "unplug from one
system and plug into the other" method whenever we need to look at a


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