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Best way to document console steps on a web page?

Hi all,

I've documented several Debian installation processes and would like to publish them so other might benefit. I would like to format the steps as clearly and easily as possible. Common HOWTOs look like:

% cd /tmp
% wget www.someapp.org/theapp.tgz
% tar -xzvf theapp.tgz
% su
# cd install
# nano config
  GAPING_SECURITY_HOLE=false  # this should be turned off
# ./install

I figure there is some wiki/docbook thingie out there that can do this.

Features I would like:

- console prompt support.  This has two aspects:
  -- Copying text off of the web page selects only the code
     and not the prompt or comments
  -- Preformatting with appropriate prompts/colors
        <root>cd install</root>
- search
- looks nice
- a table of contents
- ability for others to add comments

Any suggestions?


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