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Re: [debian] Re: Gnome File Association

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 17:38 +1000, Keith Bates wrote: 
> No, that just gives you option to open it with, but no permanent
> association.
> What I'm really tring to do is open a pdf file using the sylpheed email
> reader which is built on Gtk2. When you click on an attachment you get
> options to "open" or "open with application." When I click on "open"
> nothing happens. I'm assuming this is an association problem somehwere
> in gnome.

If you are using Gnome 2.8+ it does. You need to right-click and choose
properties, the choose the Open With tab. It will say to pick a program
to open foo.pdf and others of type .pdf

Since you are using sylpheed though, I'm not sure whether it is using
Gnome's file associations (or, if it is, whether it's using the new fd.o
standard). You may need to pose it as a sylphed associations question.


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