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Re: AMD cooling utility in debian

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005 23:33:02 +0530
Joydeep Bakshi <hizibizi@spymac.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have AMD Sempron 2200 processor on ASRock motherboard. my linux box
> is  debian-sarge. I have found some utilities to cool down the
> processor  temperature. some utilities warn having a performance loss
> like *noisy sound*,  *poor hard-disk response*, etc. etc.  may happen
> during its operation.
> could any user having such processor and colling utility please tell
> me the  *best* utility which I can use in my system ?

There is a Linux utility called Powernowd which I'm using on my
notebook. It slows down processor speed to 20% of normal when there is
little load, but automatically takes it up to 100% when demand requires.
I find it very useful, and have not noticed any appreciable slowness in
performance. As for how useful this is, I find that my cpu temperature
is 60 degrees Celsius without Powernowd, and 45 degrees Celsius with it.
So this is a major improvement.

>From apt-cache show powernowd:

Description: control cpu speed and voltage using 2.6 kernel interface
 This simple client controls CPU speed and voltage using the sysfs
 to the CPUFreq driver in v2.6 Linux kernels.  It does not depend on APM
 ACPI, and it doesn't try to do anything other than control the CPU.
 The name is somewhat misleading, as any CPUfreq capable processor will
 not just those from AMD.  However, it works better on CPUs that support
 than two speed steps, like those with AMD's PowerNow! or Intel's
Pentium M
 This daemon is less complicated than cpufreqd or cpudyn, at the cost of
 absolutely depending on a 2.6 kernel with the userspace governor and
 support enabled.

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