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Bind keypress to shell command?

Hi, guys,

I've searched everywhere on Google and the group for postings about this,
but can't find anything.  I'm setting up an "appliance" machine and want
to simply bind shell commands to a keypress on a numeric kepad.  One of
the functions is to control mpd for MP3 playing, amongst others.

I DO NOT use X, which precludes things like hotkeys etc.  Simply booting
an ncurses interface into one of the virtual terminals that would listen
for a keypress and then execute a shell command would do it, but I've
searched high and low for such an thing but can't find it.  I can get the
keycodes from showkey, but that's about it.  Maybe there's a way to do it
in the inittab?  Can't find anything in the documentation on that though.

I suppose coding a simple app could do it, but I didn't really want to get
into that as I'm sure others have faced this type of thing before.

Thanks much,

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