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Re: Best way to document console steps on a web page?

On 5/2/05, Peter Sebastian Masny <ps-list@masny.dk> wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Peter.
> I've documented several Debian installation processes and would like to
> publish them so other might benefit.  I would like to format the steps
> as clearly and easily as possible.  Common HOWTOs look like:
> % cd /tmp
> % wget www.someapp.org/theapp.tgz
> % tar -xzvf theapp.tgz
> % su
> # cd install
> # nano config
>    GAPING_SECURITY_HOLE=false  # this should be turned off
> # ./install
> I figure there is some wiki/docbook thingie out there that can do this.
> Features I would like:
> - console prompt support.  This has two aspects:
>    -- Copying text off of the web page selects only the code

Try http://cgi.afc.no-ip.info/svnwiki.cgi/default/svnwiki

It's nice and it uses subversion as a backend.
You can edit from $EDITOR or from the web based

If you edit from vim, there's a binary that converts
it to html so you can check your work. It's great for
working offline.

>       and not the prompt or comments
>    -- Preformatting with appropriate prompts/colors
>          <user>su</user>
>          <root>cd install</root>

svnwiki uses GNU enscript, so you can do that for
a lot of languages.



For instance, this code is in the svnwiki page:

<enscript highlight=sh>
chicken-setup srfi-40 sandbox &&
svn checkout http://svn.afc.no-ip.info/svn/home/src/chicken-eggs &&
for ext in stream-cgi stream-ext html-stream iconv stream-parser
stream-wiki content-type svn-client; do
  cd $ext && chicken-setup $ext && cd .. ;

We just started a chicken scheme manual, 
and we use enscritpt to show the code:

<enscript highlight=scheme>
(lambda (x) (+ x 2))
=> #<procedure>

> - search

The author will work on it, really soon.

> - looks nice


Right now it provides a default wiki you can start
from. It supports css.

This is how the default wiki looks like:


> - a table of contents

Yup. It's generated with [[toc:]]


==My document
===Section 1
The link is [[hello link]]

> - ability for others to add comments

Each page has a discussion page.
Check the discussion page


of this wiki page.


Quoting is easy. You just have to start the lines
with ">".
> Any suggestions?

Yes. Install svnwiki :) I can help you if you get to
need assistance. I'm using it a lot.

Please check the wiki syntaxis.



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