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Re: [OT] X-friendly KVM switch?

On Sunday 01 May 2005 09:38 pm, Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> I'm looking for an X-friendly PS/2-style KVM switch.  Currently, I
> have a Belkin 4-port Omniview E series, and whenever I switch back to
> X from another system, the mouse goes all crazy and I have to
> ctrl+alt+backspace.
> Anyone have a well-behaved KVM switch?
> 4-port would be great, but I can live with 2.  As long as I'm asking,
> it would be great if you could tell me if
> a) you can switch systems with keystrokes instead of having to touch
> the switch
> b) if the switch beeps when you switch systems
> Thanks in advance!

I'm using a 4 port KVM, that originally cost $100 US.  I use alt-ctrl-shift-x, 
where x is 1-4, and it will switch to that computer.  It's under the desk, so 
I'm not going to go through the cables and dust to find the model number ,but 
it's a Linksys.  It is transparent to the OS, so I've had no problem using it 
on computers running Linux (with X), and various versions of the Redmond OS.  
I've had a few glitches (like when my one system with an older mobo powers 
off before I switch to another system, I have to hit the manual button on the 
KVM itself -- but otherwise I can always toggle it from the keyboard).  The 
version I have works with PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors.  I don't know 
if you can use an adaptor and connect to USB, since it's never been an issue 
for me.

I think it's great and it's one of those few pieces of technology that I 
hardly ever have to think about -- I just hit the keystrokes, and I get 
switched to the box I want.

You can even boot one computer while using another, and it'll think the 
keyboard and mouse are hooked up to it.


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