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Re: [OT] X-friendly KVM switch?

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

On 2005-05-02, Ralph Crongeyer penned:
I'm using IOGEAR with IPCop, Debian and windows XP. It also works
off the key board to switch to a different machine. You can get them
at Best Buy and others I guess for around $100.00. Heres a link:



Looks nice.  Two more questions, if you don't mind:  have you used it
happily with an LCD monitor, and is there room for largish PS/2 plugs?
Both my keyboard and mouse are using USB-to-PS2 adapters.

Actually it is tight the usb adapter doesn't fit well next to the Monitor cable and is the same on the keyboard side. I noticed that was a problem as soon as I got it. :-( Sorry for the bad news.


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