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Re: apt-get deprecated?

Dear all,

Just my experience:

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005, Jules Dubois wrote:

> On Saturday 30 April 2005 07:19, Lee Braiden <jel@tundra.ath.cx>
> (...)
> If one uses aptitude from the start, it is a drop-in replacement.  If one
> doesn't, some real work is required, and then it's again a drop-in
> replacement. (...)

I've just installed Sarge on a laptop.  I have been using apt-get in my
desktop for many years without problems, but after checking some comments
about aptitude here in the list, it seemed like a better idea.

I was worried about about the "removing problem", which I had seen
mentioned here also, so I stuck with apt-get with my desktop.  But, since
I had fresh installation in the laptop, I thought I would it just start
with it, so that there would be no problems with the databases....

But, I guess that the insallation software used apt-get (it was a
net-install), since the first time I tried to use apitutde, right after
the installation, it wanted to remove MANY packages...  (Nothing could be
considered "unused" yet, I suppose...) Not knowing enough to decide
whether or not it was really wise to remove them, I again stuck with good
old apt-get.

So, with net-install at least, using aptitude from the start might not
work "out of the box".

Well, I will make a fresh install of  Sarge (now from DVDs) in a new HD in
my desktop, so I'll give it another shot.

Best to all,


P.S.: any comments on what happened in the laptop installation or how
could I have fixed it would be greatly appreciated, although I will check
the man pages (etc.) before my next install.

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