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Re: Best file system for Disk quotas and undelete

On Friday 06 May 2005 10:33, Siju George wrote:
> 1) implementing and managing disk quotas

I think most of the mainstream filesystems support this equally well.  Not 
sure though.

> 2) easy undeleting of files

Undeleting files shouldn't be part of a "strategy".  At best, it's a last 
resort.  If it actually works, it's a *lucky* last resort.  A combination of 
backing up your important files (always a good idea), setting rm to be 
interactive, and/or using the recycle bin/trashcan on your desktop instead of 
a permanent deletion would be a much better way to go.

Faubackup is pretty easy, if you want a *very* low maintenance backup 
solution.  Basically, you just edit it's config file for how many snapshots 
you want to keep as backups (the last week, or the last three weeks, or every 
month in the last year, etc.), and then edit the cron script for which 
directories to backup.  You'll then get a backup directory that keeps files 
from those times.  If you delete a file, just go to the backup directory, and 
retrieve yesterday's copy.

If you need copies from the last five-to-thirty minutes,  and it's a text 
file, that's what editor backup files are usually for.

Most of all though: be careful! :D

> ext2? ext3? ReiserFS? JFS?

Personally, I prefer XFS.  ReiserFS is a good choice too, but I still have 
stability concerns regarding Reiser.


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