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Re: apt-get deprecated?

On 2005-05-01, Luis Finotti penned:
> Dear all,
> Just my experience:


> But, I guess that the insallation software used apt-get (it was a
> net-install), since the first time I tried to use apitutde, right
> after the installation, it wanted to remove MANY packages...
> (Nothing could be considered "unused" yet, I suppose...) Not knowing
> enough to decide whether or not it was really wise to remove them, I
> again stuck with good old apt-get.
> So, with net-install at least, using aptitude from the start might
> not work "out of the box".


> P.S.: any comments on what happened in the laptop installation or
> how could I have fixed it would be greatly appreciated, although I
> will check the man pages (etc.) before my next install.

Well, I just did a fresh install from the latest debian-installer
image last night ... but I'll grant that I do things weirdly.

For example, I knew that I wanted to run unstable, so after the system
rebooted, I shot straight down to "finish install" or whatever that
option is, rather than going through the configuration steps.  (There
was probably useful stuff in there, but I'm impatient -- I'd had cd
burning issues and was about at the end of my rope; I just wanted the
stupid thing to be done!)

As far as I know, dist-upgrade works better if you have the newest
version for your dist of everything you have installed, so I pointed
my sources.list file to the web and ran aptitude.  Things were marked
as installed, but not upgraded, so I went through and manually hit "+"
for those things.  There's probably an easy way to do this using a
built-in expression, but as I hadn't added anything to the base
install, I only had to care about a handful of packages.

The only snag was the one I always have using aptitude: when I updated
the sources to point to unstable instead of sarge, aptitude gets
confused.  I needed to use apt-get for the package list update, and
from then on I could use aptitude easily.

Aptitude never tried to uninstall anything, but now that I think about
it, that's probably because I only had the base packages installed,
and I assume it's smart enough not to encourage you to blow those

Now that I've typed all of this up, I realize that it probably doesn't
help you much, but maybe someone will see what I do and have helpful
comments, so I'm sending it anyway.


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