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RE: [OT] USB mp3 recorder recommendation?

So I'm really late on the reply, and echoing another user, but it's
worth since this didn't get a whole lot of traffic... The iRiver
harddrive based players are great... touch bigger than the iPod but ship
with many more features and better battery life.

I've used the 140 (I own it and love) and the 340 (my dad owns it and
loves it) and they're both great.

Plus, the 340 both is a USB client and host, so when properly setup you
can just plug a dig cam into it and offload pictures, for example.

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Subject: [OT] USB mp3 recorder recommendation?

Hello, all:

My Pogo RipFlash has never worked with Linux, and now it won't work
with Windows (XP, on my office machine) either!

So, can anyone recommend a good mp3 recorder which will work (i.e. be
recognised as a USB mass storage device) with Linux?



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