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Re: AMD cooling utility in debian

Try the powernowd - it works very well. It has an aggressive feature which 
will skyrocket processor herz's, thus limitign the performance losses. It 
should be in debian sid (or experimental).

Alle Monday 2 May 2005 03:36, Carlos Rodrigues ha scritto:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
> > I'm going to assume you're a Windows user trying to overcome a
> > retarded Windows design flaw that has the CPU do a whole lot of
> > nothing at full steam instead of using HLT instructions to let the
> > CPU *really* not do anything when it's idle.
> >
> > Linux doesn't have this problem, the kernel has what you're looking
> > for by default.
> The guy is talking about power saving, like letting the processor turn
> off stuff _while_ executing HLT instructions.
> I'm sorry I can't help on the question at hand, I do this with a script
> (specific to the VIA KT400 chipset) that runs "setpci" with some special
> parameters to turn on/off this feature.
> Carlos Rodrigues

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