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Re: Backup mirror machine

On Thu, 5 May 2005, Bill Moseley wrote:

> What I currently have is one machine that is basically a mirror of
> another, but has different public and internal IPs.  So to replace the
> main machine I'd have to go through the various configs and change IPs
> (and change bind from a slave to a master).  Actually, it's currently
> a matter of changing a few symlinks, but still it's not a very good
> system.

one script ... change-me-from-slave-to-master.sh   and symlinked to "N"
> What I'd like to do, I think, is have a system that ran as a separate
> machine, but I could reboot and at the LILO prompt select another
> configuration that makes it boot with the other machines IPs and
> config settings.

i assume the "other machines ip" is after the slave has been changed
into master

you cannot tell lilo to boot a remote machine

you can tell pxe boot to boot off the other remote nfs-server machine
and this machine does not have any disks

>  Perhaps mounting different /etc, /var, and /home. (and
> what else?) assuming I have the same package set and versions.

each machine should have its own copy of mirrored data
of what ever you need ...
	- try it and see ... is your only real answer ..

	- nobody else knows where you put all your data and how
	your system is installed

> Those /etc, /var, /home, etc. could be rsync backups based on this
> procedure:

and your more import conf files is in /etc and cannot be live on the
2nd mirror system  since its ip# and names are different
	- you'd need to tell rsync to skip all these different files
	from being rsync

>    http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/
> Any Suggestions?

gazillion ways to do it

c ya

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