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[no subject] "apt-get install gnome2 gdm2" and typo errors ... "Bounce" Message "Fake" USB mouse "find -mtime": 1,782 /etc files over 250 years old!? "Kept back" packages? "MUD" Game Engines "shutting off" broken keys in X "sudo bash" is not "sudo su -" ?! "sudo su" Permission denied "unhandled exception" running Wordperfect on Woody?? 'defunct' sshd process after setting up daemontools Re: 'sudo bash' is not 'sudo su -' ?! Re: 'sudo su' Permission denied Re: 'sudo su' Permission denied [Solved] RE: 'unhandled exception' running Wordperfect on Woody?? (fwd) GUADAGNARE DAVVERO, LEGGI E CAPIRAI!!!! (multi-)gnome-terminal won't work with @euro (no subject) (semi-OT) Novell eDirectory on debian - anyone tried it? (X 4.0 problem )Re: pls help or i will switch to other distro The *ONLY* real problem with Debian... ++${Debian User Stats} .."respawning too fast.." .config and compilation .forward .forward file another question .NET Re: .NET [OT] /dev/dsp problem /dev/input/mouse or /dev/input/mice ? /dev/modem permissions rewritten /etc/init.d services start/stop question /etc/network/*.d /etc/network/interfaces /lib/ error message /sbin/ifconfig shows eth0, but not "RUNNING"? /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lperl ? 0dns-down changing resolv.conf at boot 2 NIC, 2 Gateway 2 x 3com509B 2.4.18; 3c509 NIC not getting IP 3.0: No KDE on Bootup 3.0: Rebooting During Initial Setup 3.0: Booting From CD 3.0: Creating Boot CD 3.0: Logon Problems 3.0:Switching Video Card Drivers 386 or 486 machine <SOLVED> Re: Old packages archive Electronic Novelty---歡迎貿易商外銷 eTalk网络电话打国际长途...每分钟仅0.32元 A ? for all you old time linux users Re: [debian-user] How to pronounce "Debian"? Re: [despammed] Re: odd networking problem [Fwd: [AMaViS-user] Amavis-ng + exim -- help please.] [Fwd: Re: Emacs and ALT Key in New Debian Installation] [Fwd: Re: Gnome and Sound] [Fwd: Re: Signed messages] [Fwd: TV-Out: naive question] Re: [Galeon-user] Galeon Crashing! Re: [GENERAL] odbc with debian woody/postgres [Help] continue https certificate date Re: [lp.hp] Re: HP 5550 & CUPS & (USB | PAR) [OT] - Interesting politics and the GPL [OT] Changing size of XEmacs font on the fly. [OT] Faulty hard drive? [OT] GUI for MySQL [OT] It just worked for a change [OT] literate programming [OT] ncurses application for vCard/vCalendar [OT] registry implementation (was Re: Debian, too easy?) [OT] SSL certificates and daylight savings Re: [OT] The only thing I miss about Windows [OT]: Sort-of. What's the best way to "contribute" Re: [OT]: Sort-of. What's the best way to 'contribute' [req. for programmers - GPL Dive Planner - Java ][25/10/2002-0:13 GMT] [Semi-OT]: Dual Head Laptop? Re: [SOLVED] DEFAULT WINDOW MANAGER [Solved] fetchmail rules for logcheck? [SOLVED] Re: Desktop launchs recent programs when logging in [solved] remind starts many many times [solved]Re: kernel config from kernel_image Re: [SPAM] Re: using lilo to boot from floppy image? [~OT] procmail recipe local lockfiles `gnome-approved' dark-background theme for gnome 2? AbiWord accessing network - newbie Accessing USB Camera pics Account: accurate page accounting with raw PCL? add users adding nodes to a network addressbook <-> abook ADSL using pppoe & pppoeconfig FW: ADSL using pppoe & pppoeconfig (solved) ADSL, routers firewalls etc. Re: afio und CD-R AFS over ipmasq - does it work? After an upgrade Java doesnt work anymore aha-2940 scsi controller problem Alcatel USB modem ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA332_1034105283_EXCHANGE_3 wa s generated ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OB9249_1034105283_EXCHANGE_1 w as generated All bugs I've commented on in the Debian BTS Allowing NFS to machines based on MAC (?) ALSA & ESD Alsa & Kernel 2.4.18-bf2.4 Alsa + es1371 + oss ALSA howto Alsa is Very Noisy ALSA part two ALSA Sound modules alsa-modules for 2.4.19 alsa-source compile errors alsaplayer problems Re: am i still blacklisted as spam? amavis-ng + exim setup problems amibcp > 7.51.03 Anonymous Proftp setup problems another grave galeon bug ANSWER: diald on debian? Answer: Problem with XSERVER and PS/2 mouse Anti-virus for Linux at an ISP antispam - postfix+cyrus+spamassassin+sanitizer any good mp3 player? any read-only news group for this ML? any suggestions on mail client? anyone get kernel 2.5 to compile? Re: anyone packaging redhat's bluecurve themes? Anyone using Debian for Graphic Design or CAD? Anyone??? HP USB DVD+RW for Woody anything like NextStep? - Re: File Manager Suggestions? Apache / SUEXEC on woody... Apache and Port 192 Apache configuration and host names? The last update was on 19:18 GMT Sun Aug 13. There are 6548 messages. Page 1 of 14.

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